No hour of life is wasted that is spent in the saddle. ~ Winston Churchill
I. Foundation Training
Starting young horses with the essentials that enable success

II. Ranch Horse Training
Establishing all-around skills in a horse

III. Cow Horse Training
Performance training of horse and rider

Kent has a world of experience with horses. 25 years of learning and improving lay a solid foundation in any horse; Kent often works with horses that have missed these essential steps and fills in the gaps to create a confident and responsive horse. His ranch experience allows for a horse to further develop into a usable and credible horse; many of his projects go onto other disciplines such as, ranch horse versatility classes, dressage and pleasure horses. Kent has now specialized into producing competitive Cow Horses. His many championships and accomplishments including his signature NRCHA champion Smart Lil Boonlight has placed Kent on the map to further grow in this field.

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