HorseOneship© is a proactive way of working with horses and riders created by Kent Williamson. His principles and methods have evolved after his extensive revision and refinement of fundamental training approaches. The main objective is to teach horses and riders how to communicate using these effective concepts. The principles of HorseOneship© are derived from natural and inherent movements a horse is equipped with. Only desirable movements are conditioned into responsive behaviour. Clarity is enabled when a rider nurtures the nature of a horse. Going beyond fear and working through natural resistance is necessary for successful results. Kent refers to this as foundation training of horses - working with horses on their terms.

Horseoneship Goals

Discover how to relate to the nature of a horse: the language of horses

Communicate to engage the natural sensibilities of a horse

Motivate a horse to willingly respond

Develop a responsive and desirable riding horse

DVD Now Available

An all inclusive DVD set of Foundation Training Level I-III, shows how to create a responsive and reliable horse step by step using ‘signal-value’.

“Nothing overrides proper foundation training!”

Horseoneship© - Foundation Training – enables a rider to DISCOVER the dynamic unity of motion, language and understanding; to COMMUNICATE in order to draw out the natural sensibilities of a horse; and to MOTIVATE a horse to willingly respond, while ‘turning’-on” to the rider. The result is a solid foundation in both horse and rider.

Video Clip: Enjoy a sneak peak of Kent Williamson’s Horseoneship on DVD.